Workshop Schedule

2018 FBGA Workshop Schedule

FBGA workshops are free and open to the public. Workshops are presented in Ryan Centers multi-purpose room unless otherwise noted. Hands-on workshops have limited space. Please pre-register or RSVP as specified in the descriptions. Happy Gardening!

What and When to Plant for a Bountiful Harvest

With a month-to-month plan, your garden can be a constant source of veggies. Find out which plants do best when planted at the proper time. Learn the benefits of growing from seed and buying transplants.
Presenter: Adriann Musson and Christine Morales
Saturday February 17th  at 2 PM Ryan Center

Tools for a Productive Garden Season

This workshop will help you plan your small space garden and the tools you will need to make your ‘Garden of Eden’ a fruitful one!
Presenter: Jill Weingarten
Saturday February 24th at 1 PM Ryan Center

Starting Plants from Seed

Do you want to start your plants from seed but aren’t sure how to go about it? A step-by-step seed planting demonstration will answer all your questions. This workshop will also cover:  lighting, heat, types of containers and types of soil-less mixtures available.

Presenter: Adriann Musson
Saturday March 3rd at 2 PM Ryan Center

Some like it Cool

We will discuss the needs of cool weather crops such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss chard, radishes, onions and potatoes.
Presenter: Adriann Musson
Saturday March 17th at 2 PM Ryan Center

Summer Crops

Grow a bounty of vegetables by planning a smarter garden. This workshop will cover
what you can plant in late spring for a fruitful harvest in summer.
Presenter: Tom Ingram
Saturday March 24th at 2 PM Ryan Center

Lasagna Gardening

Make double duty out of your garden bed. Is it a compost pile or a garden bed?
It’s both without the back pain! Learn how this ingenious method helps grow vegetables while creating compost.
Presenter: Joe Nerone
Sunday April 15th at 1 PM Meet at FBGA’s Pumpkin Patch.

Herbal Salves

We will make an herbal insect repellent, calendula and arnica salves. This workshop is
hands-on and limited 20 people. Please pre-register by April 13th. Call 917 446 3764
or email
Presenter: Adriann Musson
Saturday April 21st at 2 PM Ryan Center

Square Foot/Vertical Gardening

Up/down/All Around! If you think you can’t grow a ton of food and flower in your garden then this is the workshop for you. Explore new products and techniques to get the most out of your small space garden.

Presenter: Jill Weingarten
Sunday April 22nd at 1 PM Row A Gazebo

Sign Painting
Just bring your creativity— we supply the brushes, paint and wood. One sign
per gardener. This hands-on workshop is limited to 20 people. Reserve your spot.
Please RSVP by April 20th

Presenter: Susan Berman
Saturday April 28th at 2 PM Row A Gazebo Rain Location: Ryan Center

Please Eat the Daisies
On this garden walk you’ll discover edible flowers, greens, and berries found all around, then prepare and eat a delicious and colorful salad. Learn to love your weeds!
Presenter: Lois Pinetree
Sunday April 29th at 2 PM Champions of Courage Garden

Garden to Gift

Make scented soaps and bath salts. “This is a hands-on workshop and limited to 20 people. RSVP by May 7. Contact Anne Gaudet
Presenter: Anne Gaudet
Sunday May 13th 2 PM Ryan Center

Sun Painting

Use natural materials you collect, cut-outs, special paint to create a garden flag. Bring interesting items to use. This workshop is hands-on and limited to 10 people. Minimum
age 12 years. Due to the nature of this workshop, if weather is anything but ideal it will
be postponed. RSVP by June 2nd and be sure to Include your phone number in case workshop is postponed. Rain Date June 23rd Contact Ayala Jonas
Presenter: Ayala Jonas
Saturday June 9th 2 PM Meet in the FBGA picnic area.

Yarn Spinning from Plants
Want to get the most out of your garden? This hands-on workshop will cover the basics of yarn spinning. You will learn how to use different plants and different parts of the plants to make ropes and threads.
Presenter: Yevgeniya “Jane” Mondella
Saturday August 4th 2 PM Ryan Center