Picnic Area Rules

The picnic area is open from April 1 (or when water is turned on) through
October 31 (or when water is turned off). No one may use the picnic area when the water is off.

A gardener is required to be present in the picnic area for all picnics/barbeques.

Guests arriving before gardener must wait in the parking area until gardener arrives.

No tents allowed in picnic area. A tent is any structure with sides.

No cars allowed in picnic area. All cars parked in designated areas must have, garden hangtag or note on dash stating gardeners name and plot #

Anyone barbequing must have a 1 gallon container filled with water in case of fire

Any tables moved must be returned to their original position

No loud music. It is disturbing to nearby gardeners

There is no ball playing in the picnic area. This includes, soccer, volleyball, football etc.

No mylar or helium balloons tied to trees

No climbing of trees

No hanging on tree branches

No burning of twigs and/or branches to start fires or cook. CHARCOAL ONLY

Adults are responsible for the behavior of the children. Please do not allow them to run up and down the aisles, play with water spigots in aisles or picnic  area or play with long branches.

No picking of flowers from community areas.

The picnic area is for gardeners and their immediate families. Groups of less than 20 people can picnic for free.

Groups of 20 – 40 people require prior permission and a 100 dollar security deposit which will be refunded if 1) all trash is disposed of properly, 2) charcoal cans are used appropriately (ashes only, no paper, bottles, cans etc). 3) no damage to grass, trees, or tables, 4) no mess in bathrooms 5) all rules followed.