Our Heroes!

Our heroes!

Thanks to our new O&M Director Tom Ingram (Lic. NYC tree pruner/Master Composter) who returns to his old position for now. Tom used to be O&M Chair several years ago under the 2nd Pres. of FBGA Alan Douglas, before he became our Landscape Chair.

He is joined by Mike Dechenaux in these photos shot today at the garden. Both Tom and Mike, who are experienced plumbers began work today on a series of broken pipes in an effort to turn on our water system. Unfortunately some of the equipment FBGA has is a bit worn, like the pipe thread cutter, and wrenches we needed today were nowhere to be found. Tom and Mike made do with what we have and thank goodness there is a plumbing store in the neighborhood where some of the work can be done for us, saving much time and sweat. Thanks to both of you for your hard work today in very cold weather—and when you see them give them a thank you yourself.

Keep your fingers crossed that more broken pipes are not found and expect water in our gardens sometime next week.

The Roving Reporter Posted 4/7/18 fbga.net

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