2018 Rules & Policy Regulation Pamphlet

2018 Rules & Policy Regulations

This is an edited version of the 2013 Rules & Regulations
pamphlet given to members at the 2018 Mar 17 Spring Meeting in your


Welcome to the Floyd Bennett Gardens Association Inc,
located on historic Floyd Bennett Field, part of
Gateway National Recreation Area Jamaica Bay Unit.
We are one of the largest community gardens in the USA
and a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.
We are open from sunrise to sunset from April 1 through October 31.

Elected Officers
Jill Weingarten, President
Joe Bonserio, Vice-President
Molly Battenhouse, Corresponding Secretary
Lynn Halligan, Recording Secretary
Judy Tropeano, Treasurer

Inspection Requirements
The following rules & regulations apply to all members and guests. Failure to abide by FBGA’s policies may result in forfeiting your privileges as a community gardener.

Plots are inspected monthly from May 1—September 30. Violations must be corrected within 10 days of date of the notification letter. Violations not corrected by the next inspection will count as another citation. Three inspection violations in a 2-year period is cause to reassign your plot.

  1. Plots must display a clearly labeled sign on the gate or front fence facing the aisle by April 30 containing member’s last name & plot number.
  2. Gardens and aisles must be level and free of weeds—maintain by weeding or mulching. A 48 inch aisle width for safe public & wheelchair access and maintaining front and back aisles (applies to 10’X40’ plot only) is mandatory.
  3. Invasive plants (not limited to): bamboo, fennel, Fountain grass, Houttuynia, horseradish, mints, morning glory, blackberry, raspberry, trees and shrubs are to be grown in pots only not to exceed 6 feet in height. The roots can interfere with common areas or your neighbor’s space.
  4. Only wood, green, silver, or black metal or plastic fencing 5 feet high is allowed. Chain link, lattice, shade causing and/or permanent structures are prohibited. No more than 4 single plots are to be fenced in. Invasive climbing vines or any other plantings are not permitted outside or along the fence line.
  5. Limit of 50 sq. ft. of any size plot can be for structures. The remaining area must be used for plantings. Existing structures allowed to remain.
  6. No altering or tampering with any pipes or main watering system. No standing water in any container, or bird bath without mosquito dunk or larvae eating fish to prevent mosquitoes.

    Community Policy
    Members are responsible to check bulletin boards, newsletter or website for changes and/or updates. Educational workshops are for members and the public.Children’s garden workshops are for member’s children unless otherwise specified.All members must have current permits.Pick up permit tags and ID cards at the Spring Meeting or contact the Administration within 48 hours. Failure to have permits after April 30 may result in forfeiture of the plot.Plots are non-transferable except in situations of a member’s death; the plot may then be transferred to a spouse, domestic partner or immediate family member only, provided administration is notified in writing.

    If a plot is or appears abandoned without written notification, the plot will be reassigned. Plots must be left free of debris and plants when switching to another. Moving is permitted from March 15-30. Secure plots for winter break.

    After 2 years, members can apply for double plots if they have no violations in a 2-yr. period. Plots are assigned when available. Members must adhere to the layout dimensions of plots as allocated. Approximate sizes are: 10’X20’ single, 10’X40’ (X plot), and/or 20’X20’ (U plot).

    Obstructions of any kind in aisles are not permitted, this includes: mats, rugs and carpets. Structures must not exceed 6 feet in height or interfere with neighboring plots. Tarps on sides or top of structures is not permitted. However, roll-up shade cloths and umbrellas are allowed.

    Unauthorized pruning, planting, or removal of plants from common areas is not permitted.

    Dogs must be leashed & controlled. Clean up after your pet. Pets who interfere with common areas or the community are not welcome.

    Community Areas & Community Service
    Households are members at the same address. No more than 4 single or 2 double plots
    is considered a household. Each household is required to present ID to obtain credit or exemption for community service and perform 8 hours of service as specified in FBGA’s by-laws or determined by the Board of Directors. Service must be completed by September 30. There
    is no carry over of service. Members are encouraged to join a committee of your choice to participate in the community environment. Be social. Work together!

    All green NPS trash cans are for small trash only. Metal, wood and large items must be brought to the dumpster located in the rear of the gardens for removal by Dept. of Sanitation.  Vegetation and organic matter (weeds) are to be placed in the Community Compost area; no plastic bags or trash allowed therein.

    Members are not permitted in work areas (located behind the picnic and habitat) without permission from the O&M Director.  Any delivery of materials (compost, manure, or woodchips) are for members only and will be placed in the parking areas for you to use by Operations
    and Maintenance crews.

    Picnic/BBQ Areas
    FBGA’s picnic area, our 3 gazebos (including The Champions of Courage Garden), are community spaces shared by all members. Members must accompany their guests and remain with them during picnics and BBQ’s. Large groups require prior permission from the administration. Contact the Corresponding Secretary in advance of your plans and fill out a request form.

    Only charcoal fires are permitted. Clean grills after each use and place spent coal in the red cans marked CHARCOAL ONLY. Dispose of your bagged trash in the green containers.

    Whatever you bring in, take with you when you leave. BBQ responsibly.
    Fires destroy property and wildlife habitats.

    The following are strictly prohibited
    – stealing from common areas or gardeners’ plots
    – fighting, verbal abuse, disorderly conduct
    – racial, sexual orientation, ethnic, religious slurs
    – ball playing, skating, loud music
    – littering
    – interfering with the operations and day-to-day activity of FBGA committees
    – the use of any chemical pesticides or fungicides such as but not limited to:
    Sevin, Captan, Diazinon, Roundup or Malathion.

    FBGA encourages the use of organic fertilizers. Fertilizers exceeding an NPK total of 15 or higher are non-organic. Some organic brands are Espoma, Dr. Earth and FoxFarm. Bat or bird guano, composted chicken, sheep, or horse manure, blood meal, chicken feather or fish meal are all good sources of nitrogen. Bonemeal is a good source of phosphorus, and kelp or greensand are organic sources of potassium.

    National Park Service Requirements
    Display permit hangtags in vehicles front window, or you may be subject to ticketing by
    NPS police.

    In case of drought, members will respect any restrictions posted or stated by NPS.

    If Floyd Bennett Field is closed to visitors, FBGA will also be closed.

    No interfering with wildlife.


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