Email Contacts of Officers and Chairs

e-mail Contacts of Officers and Chairs


Attention Members
Please contact the appropriate Chairs and Officers for individual needs.
Note: The President and Vice President DO NOT Allocate Plots

Tilling Services
Please download an application and send a check or money order
Follow the directions on the tilling application. Trainees are working on plots.

Committee Chairs
Marie Artesi • Founders Committee
No email—Contact Molly B for info

Roy Brummel • Conflict/Resolution

Asima Chaudry • Elections

Lynn Graham • Childrens’ Garden

Iwona Hoffman • Inspections

Barbara Driscoll • Community Service

Ed Bresell • Landscape Maintenance

Ekatrina Kaskin • Landscape Design

Tom Merange • Gardener Assist

Zena Nelson • Newsletter

Joe Nerone • Pumpkin Patch

Gail Schneider • Special Events

Luis Montalvo • Website Director

Sylvia Tsingis • Champions of Courage Garden

Joanne Rubano • Fundraising

Andrei Kalestrov • Community/Outreach

Chair TBD • Nature Walk Wildlife Habitat
Temporary Chair Lois Pinetree

Tom Ingram • Operations and Maintenance

Chair TBD • Construction

Operations & Maintenance
For Issues Regarding Tilling/Plumbing/Leaks/Compost/Manure
Contact Tom Ingram

Jill Weingarten • President

Joe Bonserio • Vice-President

Ayala Jonas • Administration

Molly Battenhouse • Corresponding Secretary

Lynn Halligan • Recording Secretary

Judy Tropeano • Treasure



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