Updated List of contacts and email addresses:

e-mail Contacts of Officers and Chairs

Attention Members
Please contact the appropriate Chairs and Officers for individual needs.
Note: The President and Vice President DO NOT Allocate Plots

Committee Chairs
Marie Artesi • Founders Committee
No email—Contact Molly B for info

Roy Brummel • Conflict/Resolution
Asima Chaudry • Elections

Lynn Graham • Childrens’ Garden

Iwona Hoffman • Inspections

Barbara Driscoll • Community Service

Ed Bresell • Landscape Maintenance

Ekatrina Kaskin • Landscape Design

Tom Merange • Gardener Assist

Zena Nelson • Newsletter

Joe Nerone • Pumpkin Patch

Gail Schneider • Special Events

Luis Montalvo • Website Director

Sylvia Tsingis • Champions of Courage Garden

Joanne Rubano • Fundraising

Andrei Kalestrov • Community/Outreach

Chair TBD • Nature Walk Wildlife Habitat
Temporary Chair Lois Pinetree

Tom Ingram • Operations and Maintenance

Chair TBD • Construction
Acting Supervisor Aleksander Mulitsa

Operations & Maintenance
For Issues Regarding Tilling/Plumbing/Leaks/Compost/Manure
Contact Tom Ingram

Jill Weingarten • President

Joe Bonserio • Vice-President

Ayala Jonas • Administration

Molly Battenhouse • Corresponding Secretary

Lynn Halligan • Recording Secretary

Judy Tropeano • Treasure

2018 Executive Board/Chairs & Board of Directors

1. Carl Arendt—Resigned as Chair on 3/17/18 O & M Director appointed by BOD
(as of Mar 17—Mr Arendt has resigned his position)
Replaced by Tom Ingram
2. Marie Artesi—Chair Founders Committee
3. Susan Berman
4. Molly Battenhouse—Corresponding Secretary-Elect
5. Joe Bonserio—Chair Greenhouse Committee Vice President-Elect
6. Roy Brummel—Chair Conflict/Resolution
7. Marie Campbell
8. Asima Chaudry—Chair Elections
9. Lynn Graham—Chair Childrens’ Garden
10. Lynn Halligan—Recording Secretary Re-elected 2018
11. Tom Ingram—Chair Operations and Maintenance (Supervisor of Landscape Maintenance)
12. Nina Intrator-Diehl
13. Ayala Jonas—Chair Administration
14. Ekatrina Kaskin—Landscape Design
15. Tom Merange—Chair Gardener Assist
16. Carolyn Munoz
17. Adriann Musson—Education Chair (VIP (Served as President 2005-2017)*
18. Zena Nelson—Chair Newsletter
19. Joe Nerone—Chair Pumpkin Patch
20. Olga Ortiz
21. Victor Ortiz
22. Alan Rasner—VIP (Served as VP under Alan Douglas)*
23. Gail Schneider—Special Events Chair
24. Susan Sugarman (Voted by BOD to serve as interim VP for Bob Halligan)
25. Judy Tropeano—Treasurer Re-elected 2018
26. Sylvia Tsingis—Chair COCG
27. George Tsingis—VIP (Served as VP under Alan Douglas)*
28. Jill Weingarten—President-Elect
29. Luis Montalvo—Website Director
30. Iwona Hoffman—Chair Inspection
31. Barbara Driscoll—Chair Community Service/Volunteer Monitor
32. Joanne Rubano—Fundraising Chair
33. Andrei Kalestrov—Community Liaison/Outreach
34. Construction Committee—TBD
35. Nature Walk/Wildlife Habitat—TBD
36. Ed Bresell Acting Chair of Landscape Maintenance

Executive Board consists of the President, Vice President, Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, Treasurer, Administration Chair, and Chairs of Committees.

*VIP status approved by the Board of Directors to extend the privilege of serving indefinitely to those members who were elected to serve as President & Vice President.

Carl Arendt voted autonomy by BOD on Sept. 10 serves at the pleasure of the BOD
as Operations and Maintenance Director. The Director like all other Chairs must report to the President and act accordingly as all other Chairs. (per the BOD Feb. 4 BOD Meeting)

Update Results: BOD meeting Mar 4, 2018 A motion to approve the Proposed budget is passed. A motion to approve a new Rules/Policy Regulation Pamphlet is approved. A motion to approve that 75 yr old members are exempt from community service is approved.

Update Status: Mar 17 Opening Day was a successful celebration with speeches from Officers/Chairs reporting to the membership. Most of the membership picked up their permits with very few coming to our first make up day on Mar 18. There are still 70 members who did not. We are still in the process of assigning new members and reassignment of plots.
It is my regret to inform the membership that as of Mar 17—Carl Arendt—Operations & Maintenance Chair appointed by BOD as Director has resigned his position. JW

Update 4/22/18 —13 renewal members have not picked up their permits and chance forfeiting their plots by April 30. Last make up day posted for April 28, 2018.

National Park Service Contacts
For FBGA Administration Only

Dave Taft—Coordinator for FBF

Jennifer Bethsea Jordan—Liason

Richard (Rick) Jenkins—Gateway Publications

Karen Edelman—Business office, Lease Questions

Keith White—NPS Volunteers