Board Meeting & Award Ceremony—February 4, 2018

On Feb 4, 2018 The 2018 Administration held its first Board Meeting at the Hudson River Yacht Club. On the agenda was the budget, and an Award Ceremony to honor outgoing members Clara Villenueva and Adriann Musson.
Clara has worked as a volunteer for the past 21 years behind the scenes and in front. She ran the Children’s Garden for a short time with Bob Halligan in the late 1998-99. She has pretty much run FBGA’s administration single handed since 1997 under Alan Douglas and then under Adriann and Bob. Clara is responsible for your applications, reassigning plots, printing your permits and tags. Clara has decided to devote the rest of her life to her family. FBGA has learned much from her and will miss her.
Adriann Musson began gardening in 1992. She served as a member on the Education Committee and was appointed Chair of COCG by then President Alan Douglas. In 2005, Adriann ran for President and served from 2006-2017. Adriann is now Chair of the Education Committee and still a viable volunteer at FBGA.
Tom Ingram Chair of Landscape Maintenance was also honored today. Tom has been giving workshops for FBGA’s Education Committee since the 90’s as well as a presenter for Brooklyn’s Botanic Garden. Tom is a certified tree pruner and Master Composter. This year, Tom will continue to beautify the grounds at FBGA and serve the association with his knowledge and expertise. He will spearhead a special project and will be assisted by the Landscape Design Committee to improve the landscape around our gardens.
Carl Arendt has been running the Operations and Maintenance Committee since 1999. He has served under two administrations; Alan Douglas and Adriann Musson. Carl was also honored today for his long time volunteerism and outstanding service along with his peers. Carl is responsible for the operations that help FBGA work—like having compost available for gardeners at the start of the season, wheelbarrows, collecting and removing your compost contributions, making sure our water pipes are in working order and more.
All honorees were given a plaque to celebrate their outstanding service and devotion to the garden association. A luncheon was also held to celebrate the date.
Congratulations to all of you.
The Board of Directors will meet again on March 4th 2018 from 1-3pm at the Ryan Visitors Center.
On the Agenda:
• Vote on budget 2018
• Finalize new pamphlet for Rules and Policy
• Discuss the future well being of FBGA
• Finalize Opening Day plans and festivities.

Members are welcome to sit in on board meetings. We ask that you refrain from asking questions or commenting during the meeting. Due to the nature of this next very important meeting and time constraints, our planned 15 minutes of Q&A at the end of our BOD meetings may have to wait for the next BOD meeting.

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