Wheelbarrows are now available for your use.
Located in between the two containers (Bathroom Side).
Please return them to the same location after use.

Thank you Charlie, Ali and Jose for your assistance!
FBGA Administration



Attention Members

Tilling has begun!
Joe Bonserio, our Vice-President has begun training members to till
your plots. Many have been completed with a few still on the roster.
Plots that are locked obviously will not be tilled until they are unlocked by members.

Water will be turned on by the National Park Service this season.

If you do visit your garden plot, please make sure your spigot is turned off—
especially of your plot is locked. Failure to do so may cost you your lock.

Wheelbarrows will be returned to the container
after the picnic tables and charcoal cans are returned to the picnic area.

Holiday Break
Since it is a holiday break for many, volunteers are scarce. How does this affect members.
Think about it—if there is no one around to assist, than work cannot take place.
Volunteers are what makes this garden association operate. Members DO NOT GET PAID.
So, if you want something done, be prepared to help to get it done!

Please be patient.

Gardens Open on April 1, 2018

Attention Members

The gardens open officially on April 1, 2018

Members who switched plots or new members are
to go into the plots until they are cleared by previous owners.

If a member or new member are caught prior to April 1 this can be considered a violation.
Please be considerate of our time constraints and your fellow gardeners.

2018 Children’s Garden Schedule and Application

Explore — Inquire — Discover and Plant!

2018 Children’s Garden Workshop Schedule
Lynn Graham—Chairperson

As the FBGA, Inc. Children’s Garden Chairperson, I invite and welcome each and every one of you to a new growing season filled with fun, community, and learning. Several great workshops and planting sessions are scheduled for this season including: direct seeking with an early spring planting and planning your garden.

Some of the topics for future workshops include are & craft projects and garden art which should be enjoyable. The children are encouraged to put their hands in the dirt, touch an earthworm and spend time looking at butterflies and birds. —Lynn G., FBGA Children’s Garden Chair

Opening Day
Sat. April 7 at 2pm

Planting session
Sat. April 28 at 2pm

Planting session
Sun. May 20 at 1pm

Sun. June 3 at 12pm

Sat. June 16 at 12pm

Open to all including non-registered children
Sun. July 1 at 11am

Open to all including non-registered children
Sun. July 15 at 11am

Sat. July 28 at 11am

Sat. August 11 at 11am

Sat. August 25 at 11am

Sun. September 16 at 12pm

 All Children’s Garden events are FREE
Children’s garden workshops are for member’s
children unless otherwise specified.

Download the application
Revised PDF 2018 Children’s Garden Member Application
Download the Schedule

2018 PDF FBGA Children’s Garden Schedule

New Member Permit Pick Ups & #3 Permit Make-up day

Sat. April 14 at 9:30am

New Member Permit Pick Ups
Ryan Visitors Center

Please arrive by 9:30 am sharp

Ayala Jonas,
Administration Committee

Members—Please make sure you come to this make-up meeting to get your permit.
If you cannot attend this make up day please contact: Molly
Molly Battenhouse-Corresponding Secretary

Next scheduled meeting TBD
Bring your photo ID.

All Members—Policy Update



Dear Members— Payment for permits are due no later than January 31. If the Administration receives your postmarked check by February 2 than a late fee of $20 is charged to your account. Any balance due must be paid and received by February 15 All applications must be received prior to Mar 17 and any fees owed must be made by check or MO in order to receive your permit. Tilling: If you decide you want your garden tilled, do not bring cash on Mar 17 You must fill out a tilling form and send/bring a check or MO made payable to: The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association, Inc. or you will not be able to receive service for tilling. THERE ARE NO CASH TRANSACTIONS.

Please note: THERE IS NO CARRY OVER for Community Service.
8 hours per season per household must be completed by September 30.
The Board has voted in favor of an exemption for community service for members over 75.
Members MUST show proof of age at time of registration.