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Final Permit Make Up Day April 28

Our by-laws and Rules and Regulations specify:
Members are NOT permitted to garden without a current permit.
All members must have current permits. You must pick up permit tags and ID cards at the Spring Meeting or contact the Administration within 48 hours to make other arrangements.
Failure to have permits by April 30 may result in forfeiture of the plot.
Many of you have not contacted the administration and this has been noted in your file.
This is the final make-up date and final day to pick up permits.

Saturday — April 28
from 12-1pm
Meet at the Central Gazebo

Last Permit Make-up Day

FBGA Administration

Molly Battenhouse

Permit Make Up Day April 14-15

Dear Members

We are meeting at Ryan Center Sat April 14 at 9:30AM
to give out the remaining permits. Please bring picture ID.
Be prepared to stay for a short meeting on Saturday and please be prompt.

Only 2 members have notified us to pick up on Sunday April 15.
This will take place at 10AM. Please bring picture ID.
If you have not notified us about Sunday pick up in advance we will not have your permit.

Remember, permits not picked up by April 30 according to our policy is grounds for forfeiting
your plot.

FBGA Administration

Our Heroes!

Our heroes!

Thanks to our new O&M Director Tom Ingram (Lic. NYC tree pruner/Master Composter) who returns to his old position for now. Tom used to be O&M Chair several years ago under the 2nd Pres. of FBGA Alan Douglas, before he became our Landscape Chair.

He is joined by Mike Dechenaux in these photos shot today at the garden. Both Tom and Mike, who are experienced plumbers began work today on a series of broken pipes in an effort to turn on our water system. Unfortunately some of the equipment FBGA has is a bit worn, like the pipe thread cutter, and wrenches we needed today were nowhere to be found. Tom and Mike made do with what we have and thank goodness there is a plumbing store in the neighborhood where some of the work can be done for us, saving much time and sweat. Thanks to both of you for your hard work today in very cold weather—and when you see them give them a thank you yourself.

Keep your fingers crossed that more broken pipes are not found and expect water in our gardens sometime next week.

The Roving Reporter Posted 4/7/18

Water Update

Attention Members 

Our water is on!
If you notice broken pipes or leaks
please report them ASAP by notifying
Tom Ingram


Molly Battenhouse Corresponding Secretary

Warning: Our rules and policy regulations clearly states members are not allowed
to tamper with the main water system or install pipes connected to the system
inside your garden without approval.  Failure to abide by this policy is grounds
for forfeiting your plot and rights as a member.
FBGA Administration

Personal Information—Changes

Attention Members

Personal Information—Changes


One of the regulations of FBGA is that members notify the administration in writing
when you move, change phone numbers and email addresses or other pertinent information.

Any notices we send to you: announcements, newsletters, email,
telephone calls are sent to the information you provide.
Failure to notify us when there is a change can lead to you not
receiving information, including next year’s application.
Don’t let this happen to you!

FBGA Administration



Warning—Common Compost Area and Trash Cans

Attention Members

The common areas belong to all members.
This includes the compost area and the use of trash cans.
FBGA does not supply the green trash cans. NPS does and NPS Sanitation picks it up.
Presently, there are ONLY 3 bins in the parking area. They are now full and will stay this way because sanitation will not pick them up because they contain large items.
The photo on the left shows that a member put wood in the can and NPS dumped it on the grounds.
The worker who picks up the trash could not lift the can either because it contains very heavy weeds.
The trash cans are for small trash ONLY.
The photo on the right is our common compost area. A member discarded weed mat
and the weeds are all rolled up in it making it difficult for anyone to lift.
There is also a pile of wood in the compost pile. Wood is NOT compost.
The weed mat should be placed in the dumpster.
The wood should be placed in the dumpster.

Every year we are reminded NOT to discard metal, wood, furniture
or large bags of weeds. Today on this first day of the opening of FBGA
someone decided to ignore this very simple rule. Once again,
someone thinks someone else will discard it.

It ain’t gonna happen!

The person(s) who dumped their wood and weed mat in the compost
area now expect someone else to lift it, remove and discard it.
The same for the trash cans in the front parking area.

It ain’t gonna happen!

The FBGA Administration reminds everyone
that if you see members doing this very bad practice,
please let them know it is not okay!