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Members Only

Applications and Rules & Policy Pamphlet

The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization.
We rely on members to volunteer for community service.
We encourage members to join one of the 20 plus committees we offer to manage
the operations of this very large community garden.
To renew or switch plots please download the files below.

Members ONLY
Use the files on this page to renew and or switch from an existing plot

Rules and Policy Regulations Pamphlet
(This is an edited version of the complete list of rules. For a complete
set of Rules & Policy Regulations see the HOME PAGE/ABOUT FBGA
pull down menu.

FBGA_Rev9_2018 Rules_Policy_Pamphlet

Use this form to renew or switch plots

Extra Tag Request Form

Rev 1 PDF 2018 Tilling:Gardener Assist Request

Revised PDF 2018 Children’s Garden Member Application

Spring Registration ONLY
Mail the completed forms to the address indicated on the application.
Garden permits are $50 per plot (approximately 10’X20″)
Make sure you check the box on the application if you are switching plots.

Important—Do not download or use the application member agreement
if you are applying
for membership for the first time.
Download the New Member Application
and mail back without fees. Find the form in the About FBGA section.


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