All Members—Policy Update



Dear Members— Payment for permits are due no later than January 31. If the Administration receives your postmarked check by February 2 than a late fee of $20 is charged to your account. Any balance due must be paid and received by February 15 All applications must be received prior to Mar 17 and any fees owed must be made by check or MO in order to receive your permit. Tilling: If you decide you want your garden tilled, do not bring cash on Mar 17 You must fill out a tilling form and send/bring a check or MO made payable to: The Floyd Bennett Gardens Association, Inc. or you will not be able to receive service for tilling. THERE ARE NO CASH TRANSACTIONS.

Please note: THERE IS NO CARRY OVER for Community Service.
8 hours per season per household must be completed by September 30.
The Board has voted in favor of an exemption for community service for members over 75.
Members MUST show proof of age at time of registration.

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