2018 Children’s Garden Schedule and Application

Explore — Inquire — Discover and Plant!

2018 Children’s Garden Workshop Schedule
Lynn Graham—Chairperson

As the FBGA, Inc. Children’s Garden Chairperson, I invite and welcome each and every one of you to a new growing season filled with fun, community, and learning. Several great workshops and planting sessions are scheduled for this season including: direct seeking with an early spring planting and planning your garden.

Some of the topics for future workshops include are & craft projects and garden art which should be enjoyable. The children are encouraged to put their hands in the dirt, touch an earthworm and spend time looking at butterflies and birds. —Lynn G., FBGA Children’s Garden Chair

Opening Day
Sat. April 7 at 2pm

Planting session
Sat. April 28 at 2pm

Planting session
Sun. May 20 at 1pm

Sun. June 3 at 12pm

Sat. June 16 at 12pm

Open to all including non-registered children
Sun. July 1 at 11am

Open to all including non-registered children
Sun. July 15 at 11am

Sat. July 28 at 11am

Sat. August 11 at 11am

Sat. August 25 at 11am

Sun. September 16 at 12pm

 All Children’s Garden events are FREE
Children’s garden workshops are for member’s
children unless otherwise specified.

Download the application
Revised PDF 2018 Children’s Garden Member Application
Download the Schedule

2018 PDF FBGA Children’s Garden Schedule

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