Upcoming Workshops

All garden workshops are free and open to the public. Workshops are presented in Ryan Centers multi-purpose room unless otherwise noted. Hands-on workshops have limited space. Please
preregister or RSVP as specified in the descriptions.

What and When to Plant for a Bountiful Harvest
With a month-to-month plan, your garden can be a constant source of veggies. Find out which plants do best when planted at the proper time. Learn the benefits of growing from seed and buying transplants. Presenter: Adriann Musson and Christine Morales
Sat. Feb. 17 at 2 PM Ryan Center

Tools for a Productive Garden Season
This workshop will help you plan your small space garden and the tools you will need to make your ‘Garden of Eden’ a fruitful one! Presenter: Jill Weingarten
Sat. Feb. 24 at 1 PM Ryan Center

Starting Plants from Seed
Do you want to start your plants from seed but aren’t sure how to go about it? A step-by-step seed planting demonstration will answer all your questions. This workshop will also cover:  lighting, heat, types of containers and types of soil-less mixtures available. Presenter: Adriann Musson
Sat. Mar. 3 — 2PM Ryan Center

Some like it Cool
We will discuss the needs of cool weather crops such as spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, Swiss chard, radishes, onions and potatoes. Presenter: Adriann Musson
Sat. Mar. 18— 2PM Ryan Center

Summer Crops
Grow a bounty of vegetables by planning a smarter garden. This workshop will cover
what you can plant in late spring for a fruitful harvest in summer. Presenter: Tom Ingram
Sat. Mar. 24 — 2PM Ryan Center


Opening Day is March 17th




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