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A World of Friends at FBGA (article taken from the Winter 2014 newsletter)

Linda Sheridan 

Gardening at FBGA has been a pleasure for me over the past five years. It involves some hard work and some disappointments, but the perks of a great harvest, friendly neighbors with smart tips, and the overall good feeling of the place make it well worth the while.

The 2013 season was my best year so far. My cousins from Norway enjoyed strolling through the garden this spring and supplied a few helpful hints. My friend came in from Long Island quite frequently to share the work and produce. In May my son’s father-in-law, Tsunao, visited from Japan. He loved the gardens and was most eager to help prepare my garden.

After tilling, Tsunao and my son created several elevated planting rows of roughly 1′(h) x 1′ (w). Considering Japan’s climate of summer typhoons, I asked if we were to plant on top of the hills or in the valleys. Since I do not speak Japanese and Tsunao does not speak English, it was up to my son John to translate. John’s shrug of the shoulders did not provide confidence. We planted on top of the hills. Before and after photos were taken and sent to Japan.

We had a great crop of cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, potatoes, onions and peppers. I even grew turnips from seed, a first for me! My good neighbor Guy gave me some lettuce to grow and it was great. Another fine neighbor shared some tomato seedlings and zucchini. Getting so much out of such a small space was rewarding. I was able to share with family and friends. My daughter-in-law Yoko was a wonderful harvester and cook.

My little garden is a beautiful retreat and I look forward to this coming year.Garden