Dear Gardeners,

I hope you have had a good winter. Opening Day is fast approaching.

If you are moving from a single plot to a double plot, please try to have your old plot cleaned out between March 15 and March 27. This will ensure that new gardeners getting your old plot will be able to do so by April 1.

We will be putting piles of compost out in the parking area about the middle of March, weather permitting. If you are planning on rebuilding beds, etc. please remember to put your discarded, wood, plastic and metal IN THE DUMPSTER.

If you are interested in any of the following community service jobs please let me know ASAP. They will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Reseeding Picnic Area

In mid- march we will be spreading compost in the picnic area so that we can reseed the grass. We need 4 people to help rake it out.

Aisle Inspectors – 6

An aisle inspector makes monthly inspections from May through September. Inspector is given a list of plot numbers and potential violations. Each violation must be accompanied by a picture. Inspection reports must be emailed by the 15th of each month.

Community Service Supervisors – 25

5 people needed to sign people in, Preference will be given to gardeners physically unable to do manual work of weeding due to age, or injury.

20 people needed to supervise an area such as (but not limited to) flower clocks Row A through Row H, flowerclocks Row I through Row M, Row A Gazebo, Picnic Area

Must be able to work well with other gardeners, be able to identify weeds, be able to assist supervision of tree pruning, weeding, plant identification.

Sign people in on community service workdays, supervise an area. Must sign up for at least 2 workdays

Family Day Picnic set up and clean up 6 people 9am to end of picnic

Help arrange picnic tables, distribute garbage bags, help DJ set up, help remove garbage bags to dumpster

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